Focus on innovation for growth

Brand Dimensions Lab is a fully integrated digital agency with a strong focus on innovation. We apply innovation to every project through a customised blend of insight, creativity and technology across the range of branding, marketing and digital challenges. Our work shares a single aim: progressive results. 

We deliver precise, cutting-edge and innovative websites and marketing automation solutions. These are the tools of our brand management and drive business results for our clients.

Moreover, we develop a role and purpose of the brand with social thinking at its core. In this way, we connect a brand through digital channels with the consumer. By ticking the right emotions of end consumers, they feel related to the brand image so that they want to share the brand’s story and become brand ambassadors.

Who do we work for?

We work for entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step for greater efficiency and progressive growth. Furthermore, we help entrepreneurs to translate their gut feeling into clear observations about their company. Data contribute to moving from a gut feeling to a validation. With our research and data analysis, we gain insight into which processes need to be improved in the operational management of the company. We show the customer specific steps to achieve progressive growth.

Our experience is broad. We work for freelancers, SMEs and organizations with a social objective, including in the creative industry of fashion, retail, design.

The team

Hans Benne is the owner of Brand Dimensions Lab. With his years of experience in providing management advice and support in IT database projects, he knows the digital marketing solutions that help entrepreneurs achieve growth.Hans has experienced how important it is to listen to the needs of customers, to be proactive and with a focus on growth and results. We work with a flexible shell of freelancers to realize projects for our customers. 

Hans Benne | Strategy and owner

Marketing strategist for online business with the necessary knowledge and experience to grow companies through digital channels.

Peter de Bie | Studio NRG Blue

Adobe Creative Suite specialist for visually packaging the marketing message with an expert knowledge in the field of retail.

How do we work together?