Hogeschool van Amsterdam

The application you enjoy using

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam has asked us to think along with them about a new application where students can more easily get an overview of the grades obtained, their study progress and register for minor study programs. 

Brainstorming for a better user experience

In a brainstorming session, we came up with a new set-up for the study progress screen of the application. Our proposal was selected from various proposals and included in the application.

Testing and providing feedback for developers

In several test sessions, we tested the application screens for user experience and gave our feedback for improvements to the software developers.

An application to be proud of

The student application is simple to use, clear and easy to consult via mobile devices.

Brainstorming > Testing > Advice

Would you like advice on how to improve the user experience?

You would like to exchange ideas with us to improve the user experience of your application. Please contact us for an appointment.