Lola the Green Aardvark

For a professional WordPress Website Lola the Green Aardvark came to Brand Dimensions Lab. Two experienced catering entrepreneurs come together in a new unique catering concept Lola the Green Aardvark  in Amsterdam East. Hospitality with a smile lays the foundation for their new website that revolves around creativity and sustainable dishes with vegetables from the local Dappermarkt. The creative and signature cocktails are traditionally prepared with high-quality distilled drinks.


In sessions with our client, we have developed a strategic plan for setting up the WordPress website.


Based on a strategic plan, we have given the website a distinctive face by strengthening appealing elements from the branding.


The website has been chosen for a user experience design with a focus on a mobile-first user experience, limited menu options for a perfect connection with the target group

Strategy > Identity > Website

Photo Content Website

A website requires beautiful visual content. For inspiring photos, we asked our collaboration partner Studio NRG Blue to provide photography and styling. Because we have prepared photography and styling well, we were able to work directly with the drinks and bites made for guests, we have been able to work sustainable so there is no waste of food and ingredients.

The result is a fresh-looking website with inspiring photos that reflects the atmosphere of Lola The Green Aardvark.

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