Ma Re Ams

From strategy to online orders

Generate more turnover from the webshop

Fashion brand Ma Re Ams came to us with the following question to solve. How do I get more turnover from our webshop? A nice case because we love growth.

Strategy and Brand Positioning

For MA RE Ams fashion brand, we have analyzed the current position in the fashion market and the price positioning. We also conducted research into the European fashion market for better brand positioning and price positioning in order to determine in which segment the fashion brand fits best.


Accentuating the critical focus points of the brand, enriched with a new dynamic impact, we have improved the branding with a new logo and visual branding. The new branding fits perfectly with a premium fashion brand.

We have adapted the visual branding for a premium brand experience and consistent branding. To create high quality photos and video content, we guided the creative process of production, styling, model selection and photographer choice for the shoot.

The result is a unique visual content for the webshop and social media channels.

Optimised webshop

In order to improve the results of the webshop, we have opted together with the customer for a webshop in a SaaS solution (Software as a service) that can be further optimized.

The webshop delivers a convincing customer experience. This customer experience is enhanced by the new brand positioning, visual storytelling with high quality images and a brand story around the themes of the collection.

The new webshop offers, among other things: inventory management, optimization for mobile use, reports, SEO optimization with the right keywords that ensure a steady growth in conversion.

From clear brand positioning to revenue growth

Result: 25% increased time on site and 20% improved conversion rate.

Brand strategy > Branding > Photo/Video > Webshop 

Get more out of your webshop

More than just building a webshop, you come to Brand Dimensions Lab. We think along with you to improve the results of your webshop. From findability on Google, content, branding to optimization of processes. Does this appeal to you? Request a proposal now.