The Gamekeeper

Strategic advice online channels

The Gamekeeper is a fun games and toys store in Amsterdam. Five game specialists together form one strong team and a source of information for which customers like to come to the store in the heart of Amsterdam. It is our task to investigate whether expanding the activities in the online channels for The Gamekeeper is a wise decision. We are proud to have been able to help this retailer take the right steps for the future.

Research the online toy market

We researched the Dutch toy market and more specifically the online toy market. Furthermore, we used quantitative research to investigate the customer experience across The Gamekeeper’ online channels, from the website and to online shopping platforms. 

Thanks to our advice well prepared for the future

Our final report advises The Gamekeeper to focus on more personalization of the online customer experience. This can be achieved by precise customer segmentation, a 360-degree view of the customer and a focus in customer communication on the specific target group. Moreover, we advised on the implications of this for The Gamekeeper. With our strategic advice, The Gamekeeper was able to make a good decision and took the right steps for the future. 

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