What we do

WordPress website and webshop development is our expertise. Our projects are characterized by our approach with associated customization.   

Moreover, we give entrepreneurs strategic advice on how to achieve more result from their digital channels.

We generate brand awareness with a focus on the customer in the centre to improve your results. 

Our services are:  WordPress websiteswebshops, strategy, brainstorming, inbound marketing, marketing automation

How do we execute a WordPress website / webshop project?


Together with the client, we plan a kick-off moment. This is the start of collecting information about your plans. We give advice based on our expertise in the field of a WordPress website / webshop development. The result of this meeting is new ideas and a decision which strategy to follow. 


In the research phase, we research the market, collect ideas and inspiration about the look and feel of the website/webshop. Furthermore, we use this phase to analyse data of the customer analysis, competitor analysis and conversion data from Google Analytics. Moreover,  we use our SEO keyword research for optimal  visibility of the website/webshop. 


Based on our research, we start designing the website/webshop with an initial layout to get a picture of how the pages are going to look.  

Visual design

In this phase, we determine the  look and feel of the website/webshop. We focus on optimal brand experience by translating the branding with colours, letter types, and visual screens. Ultimately, you can click through the screens to experience how your  website/webshop will work. 


When you approve the design of the website/webshop,  we start building the new site. We pay attention to the User Experience for pleasant user experience on mobile devices. 

Migration and go-live 

After the acceptance test and your approval, we plan the go-live of the new website/webshop. For migration of the old site, we set-up a redirect plan and monitoring process. 

Maintenance and support


We offer support plans to keep your WordPress website/webshop in optimal condition. Furthermore, we offer user training to train your employees to update content with tips en tricks a  pro. 

Optimise visibility 

After the go-live of the website/webshop starts the phase of improvement and optimisation.  To improve the visibility of your site we offer marketing automation tools, link building, Google Ads, and Facebook/Instagram advertising


Strategy for optimal growth

The process starts with generating new leads.  You want your customers to have a fantastic experience with your company.  The customer experience is so excellent that they become your brand ambassadors.  We work with a flywheel in which the focus on customer experience is central. 


Close more sales deals with beter processes and a  Customer Relationship Management system. Increase your productivity with data, tools for data insight and plan actions with marketing automation. 


Optimise  marketing processes with marketing automation. Communicate with customers in the digital channels they use   (website, social media, email marketing, advertising). Increase the ROI of your marketing spend with inbound marketing or marketing automation.


Build personal relations with customers and create cool service experiences.  Your customers become the brand ambassadors of your organisation.